How To Download VidMate APP APK for Android

Vidmate download app apk is one of the best yet free downloader app that you can use to download video from Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Metacafe and many other video platform sites. Not only video, Vidmate download app apk is able to download music from those websites. Vidmate download app apk will automatically convert the video into audio only in mp3 format. The sound is clear and has good quality. More importantly, you can download the music and video for free.


One of features that Vidmate download app apk offered is the various qualities of video, from low quality to high quality as well as the music quality. You can choose the quality of the video based on your need. The video and music you’ve been downloaded can later be transfered and played on your PC and other devices. It also has friendly user interface which makes it easy to use. We can say that Vidmate download app is the best video downloader you must have.

Vidmate app apk for android


Google has forbade a video downloader app on Play Store. That’s Vidmate download app isn’t availabe on Play Store. However, we have provide you the link where you can download Vidmate download app apk for Android for free. The link has been tested and is working very well, including Vidmate offline installer apk. Additionally, we have scanned Vidmate download app apk and it is safe and doesn’t contain any harmful script. Keep on reading to know how to download Vidmate download apk for android.


Download Vidmate APP APK for android

Click the button below to download Vidmate offline installer apk for android.

download vidmate app apk

The download will start immediately. After that you can install Vidmate download app apk on Android manually. It’s easy to install Vidmate download app apk on Android. You can just follow the on-screen steps. With a few clicks, Vidmate download app apk will be installed on Android. However, you can read the tutorial below if you need a hand to install Vidmate download app apk on Android.


Install Vidmate Download APP APK for Android



As we have mentioned above that Vidmate download app apk isn’t from Play Store, you must enable the Unknown features in order to install Vidmate app on Android. Go to Settings > Security > Device administration > Uknown feature, toggle it to the right or give it a check to enable the feature. By enabling this feature, you have given the system permission to install Vidmate app apk on Android manually.

turn on unkown sources


Tutorial to install Vidmate app apk for android

  1. Download Vidmate app apk to get the offline installer.
  2. Locate Vidmate download app apk offline installer which has been downloaded previously.
  3. Tap on Vidmate_webnew.apk.
  4. Tap Next > Install button on the bottom right.

Install vidmate app apk on Android

Once the installation has been done, you can open Vidmate download app to download video from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and even Instagram. Download video using Vidmate app is a piece of cake. You can just tap on the download button to download the video, but you can read tutorial to download video using Vidmate app if you need guidance.

vidmate app apk for Android

Check also other tutorials of Vidmate APP APK:


What makes Vidmate download app apk becomes one of the best android video downloader is the features it has. Vidmate download app apk has so many useful features which shows that it’s the best YouTube video downloader app apk for Android, PC, and iOS. Check the list of features below to know them all.


Features of Vidmate Download APP APK

vidmate app features

  1. Support many video websites

Vidmate app provides lots of video websites source, such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsAppDaily, Dailymotion, Video, Instagram, Yodesi, IMDb, Liveleak, Provideo, and many more. The video from those websites are free to watch and download.


  1. Unlimited movie download

Vidmate app lets you download as many video as you want. Vidmate app apk will not limit the number of video you want to watch and download. Even, Vidmate app will give you update about the latest video and music. It’s all free and no additional cost.


  1. Support HD video download

Vidmate download app offers many options of video qualities, from 144p to 4K. You can choose the most suitable quality of video before you download the video. Remember that the higher the quality, the bigger the size of the video. If you want to download high quality video, make sure you have stable internet connection and big bandwith because it will take some time.


  1. Support Music Download

Not only able to download video, Vidmate app also has feature to download music. The audio qualities are vary, from low to high quality. There is no additional plugin to download music using Vidmate download app. Vidmate app has already packed with converter which enable it to convert video to music as it’s downloading.


  1. Resume Download

Vidmate app allows you to pause the downloading progress and resume it once you are in the coverable internet area. So you don’t need to download the video from the begining again.

That’s all the useful features of Vidmate download app apk. All features are free to use and no additional cost. Download Vidmate app now and get the latest video!